Land of the Dead Android : Zombies and puzzles!

By | November 6, 2013

Land of the Dead android

Land of the Dead android

Android -Zone presents Land of the Dead Android , developed by a new Amphibius Developers , which we had already rewarded the excellent Curse Breakers and Zombie Invasion Thurs Land of the Dead is a very well put together game thinking that you offer some quality graphics and scenes and incredibly detailed objects.

In Land of the Dead , you are a survivor of the Zombie epidemic affecting the world for two weeks . To survive, you’ll need all your wits , a gun , ammunition and a vehicle. For this you need to find money to buy equipment . Once equipped, you ‘ll have to solve puzzles and find clues that will help you survive the zombie invasion !

Land of the Dead – Zombie interesting quest for Android devices . The game takes place in the city, post- zombie Apocalypse . Unknown virus began to spread at an incredible rate , infecting all citizens and turning them into flesh eaters . You are one of the few who were lucky enough to survive and not turn into a ghoul .

You must rid the birthplace of evil spirits , solve puzzles , exploration and acquisition of firearms step by step through the overburden. Collect useful objects , combine them , they are sure to help you get through this game. Interact with other characters who will tell you a lot of useful information for visitors.

  • The game has a lot of different weapons , you can meet beautiful graphics , fine detail objects , interesting gameplay and a large number of puzzles of varying difficulty.
  • Land of the Dead also offers an exciting gameplay experience shooting against very realistic zombies , with gore effects and hemoglobin wish.

Action and zombies, what more ? Land Of The Dead is based on the film by George A. Romero and vousy play as Jack, a farmier while zombies invade the city . The mysterious M Kaufman then engaged to Jack that makes the household and promises a great reward …

Throughout the game, you have a top of the screen , a post-it that will allow you to advance in this game as well clues. This little more is not negligible progress in Land of the Dead .

Land of the Dead android

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